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Spring 2017

Independent marketing reports consistently suggest that the best potential for fee growth for accounting firms lies within their existing client base. It also makes sense that clients who already have a trusted relationship with their accountant would be more likely to take on additional services, including financial and business advice. For the full story see page 6.


Autumn 2017

It’s common knowledge that Inland Revenue (IR) has increased its investigations activity on what it dubs the ‘hidden economy’...What’s not widely known, however, is how it is determining which taxpayers to investigate. For the full story see page 4. 


Spring 2016

Inland Revenue (IR) has needed to ‘transform’ for a long time. It has become increasingly impractical and costly to add functionality to their state-of-theart (in the early ‘90s) computer system. For the full story see page 4.


Autumn 2016

Clients appreciate their trusted advisors (you, the accountant) offering them the Audit Shield service. A clear indication of this is the fact that since 1st April 2015, the premium pool has grown by 28.85%. For the full story see page 3.


Spring 2015

As of the end of July 2015, we now cover well over 20,000 clients of accounting firms across the country, and have incurred over $1 million in claims in the last twelve months. For the full story see page 3. DOWNLOAD

Autumn 2015

The New Zealand operations of Accountancy Insurance commenced over three years ago. As soon as the office doors opened in Auckland, the first accounting firm...For the full story see page 3. DOWNLOAD

Spring 2014

As more accounting firms continue to sign up to Audit Shield, we naturally experience more claims activity. DOWNLOAD

Autumn 2014

It has now been approximately a year since the expiry of the Inland Revenue (IR) Voluntary Disclosure deadline of 31st March 2013. DOWNLOAD

Spring 2013

Inland Revenue Investigations and Advice Manager, Tony Morris, presented IR's investigations, trends and achievements for the 2012-2013 financial year at a Public Practice event in Auckland. DOWNLOAD

Autumn 2013

We are proud to announce that Ferdy Ouw has stepped into the role as Chief Executive Officer for New Zealand and Australia. DOWNLOAD

Spring 2012

Since launching Audit Shield in New Zealand in August 2011, Accountancy Insurance (AI) has been making its mark on both the North and South islands, thanks to an extremely enthusiastic response from accounting firms. DOWNLOAD

Autumn 2012

We understand that most New Zealand practices are noticing the increased level of IRD compliance activity since the government body received additional funding in May 2010.  DOWNLOAD