Audit Shield provides an insurance solution that covers the professional fees that help you assist your client to respond to an official audit, enquiry, investigation or review of returns lodged with Inland Revenue (IR) or other New Zealand government revenue authorities. Audit Shield offers the peace of mind that helps you help your clients, while our team deliver customised and comprehensive solutions that meet your needs.­

Audit Shield provides your clients with cost effective protection and assistance against the substantial cost that may be incurred should IR or other New Zealand government revenue authorities conduct a random audit, enquiry, investigation or review of lodged returns.

In relation to lodged returns, the following audits, enquiries, investigations or reviews are covered:

  • Dividend Withholding Tax
  • Employer Returns
  • Fringe Benefits Tax
  • GST
  • Imputation Credit Account
  • Income Tax
  • Non-Resident Withholding Tax
  • PAYE
  • Record Keeping
  • Resident Withholding Tax
  • Any query of any lodged return where your client is compelled to respond or act*

* Subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Information about our tax audit insurance policy cover is provided on the Policy Cover page.

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