Over the years the team at Accountancy Insurance have been privy to an array of situations that our Audit Shield clients have found themselves in - at no fault of their own. Here are just a few real life case studies from what our clients have experienced with audit activity and how Audit Shield assisted them.


Case Study 1

A company based in Tauranga was investigated by Inland Revenue and asked for copies of their Financial Statement, Tax Returns and Tax Reconciliation.

End result: All of the $11,282.42 of costs were covered by Audit Shield.

Case Study 2

A business in Auckland was selected for a review of compliance risks which were identified within their industry and expenses claimed.

End result: The total of $7,962.60 was covered by Audit Shield.

Case Study 3

An investor was selected for a review of their lodged Income Tax in Auckland.

End result: The complete amount of $2,511.60 was covered by Audit Shield.


Case Study 4

A GST return review for a business in Wellington equated to $11,500.

End result: Every cent of the $11,500 was covered by Audit Shield.

There are many more cases of New Zealand businesses being targeted by Inland Revenue and other government agencies. For more information on how Audit Shield can assist your firm, please contact the team on 0800 001 299 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..