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Diana Clement: Paying tradies cash not okay

Do you pay your tradies cash? You could be enabling tax evasion.

A good chunk of law-abiding Kiwis think the concept of cash jobs is fine, according to a Facebook discussion on the subject I followed. "It's personal choice," one wrote - even though those tradespeople may put that money in their pockets and not pay tax.

Logically, it's therefore personal choice if you want to mug someone in the street for their wallet or break into their homes and steal stuff. Receiving cash for work and not paying tax on it is a crime.

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New tax law will force banks to provide Inland Revenue with tax data

1st July 2017

A new tax law coming into force today will require banks to provide Inland Revenue with tax information for certain customers.

The new law, aimed at reducing global tax evasion, meant banks and other financial institutions would need to identify accounts held by foreign tax residents. Deloitte Dunedin tax partner Phil Stevenson told the Otago Daily Times for most people, the announcement would be boring, but there were some relevant points. 

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Congratulations Vicky

3rd March 2017

The Auckland team celebrated the 5 year employment anniversary of Office Manager, Vicky Ye. Operations Manager of Australasia, Rex Oakman, presented Vicky with her certificate. 

Congratulations Bahadur

25th August 2016

Congratulations to our New Zealand Operations Manager, Bahadur Kaikobadi, for achieving his 5 year milestone with Accountancy Insurance. Bahadur is pictured below on the right, with Rex Oakman - General Manager of Operations (Australasia).