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IRD clamps down on company share schemes

13th November 2015

The taxman doesn't like aggressive employee share schemes and is warning some employees could receive tax bills in a clampdown on them. The Inland Revenue Department has issued a "revenue alert" advising some of the schemes may constitute tax avoidance.

NZ's super rich in taxman's sights

16th November 2015

A handful of super-rich Kiwis are new members of an exclusive club - one which puts them on the taxman's radar. Inland Revenue this month said its High-Wealth Individuals (HWI) unit had identified 212 people who each control more than $50 million of assets.

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Minister McClay seeks to water down 130-year-old tax secrecy provisions

12th November 2015

Revenue Minister Todd McClay is seeking feedback on plans to water down New Zealand's 130-year-old tax secrecy provisions as part of a tax administration law review that would give government agencies more access to tax department data.

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Congratulations to our iPad mini winner!

11th June 2015

Congratulations to Pat Murray from Peat Johnson Murray Chartered Accountants. Pat won an iPad Mini by entering the draw at the TEO road show in New Zealand. Team member Sharon Smith was delighted to provide Pat with the prize recently!

Pat Murray Accountancy Insurance iPad Mini Winner