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IRD's data grab from Trade Me nets $3m

2nd April 2016

Inland Revenue's grab at Trade Me members' personal data netted it just $3 million in fresh taxes.

The department sought the details of one million members of the online auction house as part of attempts to identify unpaid tax in the "hidden economy" but settled for a database of 44,000 people.

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Wins for the taxpayer

1st April 2016

It’s tempting to think that the taxpayer always loses when it comes to multinational corporate taxpayers, but in the past few years the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) has had a string of significant wins. And year after year, the IRD gets big increases in its enforcement budget, a no-brainer since every dollar spent on nailing tax avoidance yields a return to taxpayers of about $7.

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Rodney Hide: Kiwi Big Brother is watching you

29th February 2016

In the US, Apple is fighting the FBI's court order to unlock a dead terrorist's iPhone. The terrorist, with his wife, massacred 14 people in San Bernardino last year. It's a tough case. There is not a lot of sympathy for murdering terrorists, but Apple says complying with the FBI's warrant would set a precedent for all Apple users.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand our companies fall over themselves to give private information when a Government department asks for it.

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Tax-gatherers crack down on cash jobs

29th January 2016

Inland Revenue is cracking down on the black economy after many tradies admitted knowing of cash jobs worth more than $20,000. The scale of tax-dodging work is such that in Auckland, one in five tradies believe that more than 25 per cent of construction work is paid under the table. The head of a builders' group has applauded the IRD initiative and said a research project backed his concerns about large jobs being undeclared by cowboy operators.

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