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Terry Baucher mulls the hidden economy and concludes IRD should look more closely at the tax gap

11th October 2016

During TVNZ’s Breakfast’s recent story on tradies offering cash “discounts”, Inland Revenue’s Andrew Stott was asked about the size of the hidden economy, or the “tax gap”. He replied it could involve “hundreds of millions” of dollars, before conceding it was a “big problem”

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Ask the expert: dealing with IRD tax requests

14th June 2016

OPINION. Q: I've had a letter from Inland Revenue wanting information about my tax records. I'm a small building business with three staff. Why am I being targeted and what do I do?

A: Don't panic. These requests from Inland Revenue are increasingly common thanks to the $74 million cash injection from government to investigate tax evasion over the next five years.

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IRD to get new power to share tax secrets

14th April 2016

The tax changes unveiled by John Key today include plans to provide Inland Revenue with new powers to share information about tax debts with credit rating agencies.

David Snell, EY executive director tax, said the changes provided further illustration that the "the tide is going out for tax secrecy, with the government seeing Inland Revenue information as a significant asset to be exploited." 

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Prize winner!

8th April 2016

Congratulations to Jo Greene from DB Chartered Accountants, Hamilton. Jo was the winner of the TEO Roadshow prize, winning a bottle of champagne and a $200 Prezzy card!

Jo is pictured with Associate Director, Sharon Smith.